Great ideas come through well prepared food

Food and water are essential components for us humans to survive. Food can take various forms and ingrediences, and be good or bad depending who’s asked.

The new Nordic kitchen which has gotten a new blooming in the past decade takes the bare and simpliest ingrediences from nature like ants, leaves, ash etc. and prepares simple but fantastic and tasteful dishes.

My angle to this topic is another though.

In order for food to be “right” it has to carry the correct balance of nutrients in order to work most efficiently. A trained cook will understand that it is not only the taste but the balance that makes the difference in how you feel and perform after eating.

In my workplace we have a saying that “great ideas come via the stomach” – so in order to catalyze innovation and ideas, eating great and well-prepared food made from original biological ingrediences – all made up from the ground – is essential. Ahhh…

Now to the point, Niels Bohr (A Danish physicist – 1885-1962) who is one of the founding fathers of the quantum theory and a Nobel prize winner and a very prominent figure among the other leading scientists (Einstein etc.) back then. I could be writing long about Niels Bohr (referencing my mother) as he was served well prepared food every day in the early 60ties where my mother worked as the chief cook in the Carlsberg mansion – his residence and home. Each day she prepared meals for Niels and his family as well as all their guests including the royals, scientists and celebrities from all around the world.

My mother is to me, the foundation of the saying “great ideas come through well prepared food” and I am sure Niels Bohr got some of his brightest ideas during my moms five year tenure…

In the picture (to the left) you can see my mother, Ulla, standing next to Niels Bohr and his wife, Margrethe, raising her arm and together with the rest of the staff in the early 1960ties.

So mother Ulla, thank you so much for decades of great food!

(Photo: unknown)


Why some days are just bad…?

R0013709In Danish, we have something called Tycho Brahe Days from the Danish astronomer (1546-1601) of the same name. These are days that are simply unlucky and where bad things can happen.

I had one of those yesterday.

Everything from dawn to dusk – and the night included – went wrong. Things like bad messages, missed opportunities, misunderstandings, arguments, loosing money with a bankrupt web shop, meeting up alone with three corporate lawyers (ok it’s my job but anyway), my partner got a speeding ticket, nightmare – not getting enough sleep and so it went on. And then, as always, the weather sucked big time.

What else can you ask for? These days arrive once in a while but Tycho Brahe was forced  by a Czech Emperor (as a recognised scientist) to identify days during the course of a year that could be considered bad or unlucky and where people was advised to stay at home and avoid certain activities.

It is actual an unfair legacy that we connect these days with Brahe as he never himself believe in astrology and the theory that some days are generally better then others.

Yesterday was September 28th, and it is not listed as one of the Tycho Brahe days so I guess that disproves the theory and I am ready for new day filled with luck and happiness.

For those who may have an interest, Tycho Brahe days were set to the following dates. So go knock yourself out and test the theory.

1., 4., 6., 11., 12., 20. Jan.;
11., 17., 18. Feb;
1., 4., 14., 15. Mar;
10., 17., 18. Apr.;
7., 18. May;
6. Jun;
17., 21. Jul;
20., 21. Aug.;
16., 18. Sep;
6. Oct;
6., 18. Nov;
6., 11., 18., Dec.

“Ich bin ein Berliner” – JFK, in memory

A few weeks back I visited Dallas, TX. I have been there several times before and Dallas was actually the first city I visited in the US back in 1993.

Each time I am there, I always stop by Daley Plaza to pay my respect to the 35th US president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who was shut dead here on November 22, 1963 when his motorcade drove into Daley Plaza.

I belong to the group of people who do not believe in the one magic bullet thus a conspiracy must have taken place here. Both in the planning and execution of the assassination as well as the post-murder events that happened.

The history of JFK is a fascinating read and very sad that a great man like JFK was unable to live his life in peace and get to carry out all of his great ideas and vision.

In memory of JFK and to the great president you were while you were here!

(The Daley Plaza is in the lower left of the picture above. Look for the famous book depository building where Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly shut from)

With or without?

The other day I received my new underwater housing. Soon I'm going to test it and I think the best practice is to test it without a camera inside 🙂 However, I am tempted to just dive in and start taking fine pictures and some great video from under the surface. One small problem is the value you bring with you down under when you also add camera and optic etc. You really don't want to see saltwater in your DSLR camera…!

Underwater housings is a big jungle but I have over the years enjoyed the way Ikelite produces their housing and the features and controls they provide you with while in the water. I have other housings too  and they also work, but typically they have some limitation that over time starts to annoy you.

So, I cannot wait to see how much better this should perform compared to the old one I been using for years – I need to do some comparison shots.

Stay tuned for some underwater footage.

Women’s dive day…yes ma’am!

Today is the Padi Women’s Dive Day 2017. A great worldwide event to attract more women to recreational scuba diving.

I worked all day taking women to the wonderful world under the surface. The water was calm, the weather was nice and sunny and the visibility was perfect. It could not have been a better day for this type of activity.

I hope most women got the experience they came for but at least for myself it was a pure pleasure bringing more people into the life of scuba diving (women and men). It is a wonderful sport with new adventures everytime you go go below – it changes lives 👌


Old vs New

Boston was beautiful this past week. Hot and sunny. I had the pleasure of staying close to the old Castle at Park Plaza. A wonderful old building still standing strong among all the newcomers in downtown. The picture is taken at dusk on a warm evening at Park Plaza with semi long exposure. Love my Q.

Welcome to Holland!

I have to share this essay…it is just so true and meaningful. Please read ahead and enjoy the life you have been given.



Emily Perl Kingsley.

c1987 by Emily Perl Kingsley. All rights reserved

I am often asked to describe the experience of raising a child with a disability – to try to help people who have not shared that unique experience to understand it, to imagine how it would feel. It’s like this……

When you’re going to have a baby, it’s like planning a fabulous vacation trip – to Italy. You buy a bunch of guide books and make your wonderful plans. The Coliseum. The Michelangelo David. The gondolas in Venice. You may learn some handy phrases in Italian. It’s all very exciting.

After months of eager anticipation, the day finally arrives. You pack your bags and off you go. Several hours later, the plane lands. The stewardess comes in and says, “Welcome to Holland.”

“Holland?!?” you say. “What do you mean Holland?? I signed up for Italy! I’m supposed to be in Italy. All my life I’ve dreamed of going to Italy.”

But there’s been a change in the flight plan. They’ve landed in Holland and there you must stay.

The important thing is that they haven’t taken you to a horrible, disgusting, filthy place, full of pestilence, famine and disease. It’s just a different place.

So you must go out and buy new guide books. And you must learn a whole new language. And you will meet a whole new group of people you would never have met.

It’s just a different place. It’s slower-paced than Italy, less flashy than Italy. But after you’ve been there for a while and you catch your breath, you look around…. and you begin to notice that Holland has windmills….and Holland has tulips. Holland even has Rembrandts.

But everyone you know is busy coming and going from Italy… and they’re all bragging about what a wonderful time they had there. And for the rest of your life, you will say “Yes, that’s where I was supposed to go. That’s what I had planned.”

And the pain of that will never, ever, ever, ever go away… because the loss of that dream is a very very significant loss.

But… if you spend your life mourning the fact that you didn’t get to Italy, you may never be free to enjoy the very special, the very lovely things … about Holland.