Back after the summer…

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 22.03.26Phew…finally back after the holidays. Fantastic weather in Denmark where I live. We have had the summer of decades. Warm, dry – almost too dry and warm for many. we are not used to temperatures above 28-30C for several months. BUT I DON’T COMPLAIN. But I cannot stop thinking about global warming and how we affect the global climate negatively.

However, now the normal weather has returned with milder temperatures around 23C with wind and rain – just like it used to be. Work has returned as well so the daily rhythm is also slowly coming back.

I just wanted to also direct your attention to a new website I launched during the summer. I have now so many underwater images taken over several years that I wish to share more publicly. Please visit I you are interested in the topic of underwater photography. All images are published under the Creative Commons license so feel free to use. And do come back to check frequently as I will continue to post new images as they arrive through my lens.

Take care out there!

Blue water is calling…


I will soon be visiting The Bahamas – a place where I’ve never been before but always has been on my bucket list.

I am so privileged to have family living there so accommodation comes easy 🙂

The Bahamas is a large collection of islands, some populated ad some not. I am especially looking forward to shark diving which is one of the few places where that is possible to experience. Besides that lots of “normal” diving and sunshine are on the agenda so I hope to be able to post some images from below the surface I the clear blue and warm water which does to exist where I normally live.

See you in Caribbean.


Time for an upgrade…

Last summer I had my old but steady Gopro flooded in the Mediterranean. It had documented many good experiences – above and below the water line.

I have now retired the old kit and switched to a newcomer in the underwater video market. Paralenz has introduced a new concept of automatic white balance adjustment based on depth which should release you from bringing various filters with you or do significant post-edits.

I hope to be able to share a video or two once I get the new unit tested thoroughly.

The feeling of spring in Barcelona

A week ago I visited Barcelona (Spain) and as we in my country have waited and waited for spring to bloom it was a pleasure to feel the spring coming on further south as this means there’s still hope for us up north 😎

However the nice clear bluish sky it is still unstable down there. One day with showers and the next full sunshine with high temperatures.

As a northerner the Spanish spring is still like a summer to me and in a few months Spain will be well into its high summer which can be quite unpleasant to us pale people 😂

Enjoy the spring and spring breaks!

Make it go away…

IMG_0553Today, I stumbled upon these two pictures I took back a year ago (2017) at the Norman Reef (part of northern Great Barrier Reef in Australia).

It simply makes me sad watching them as it just throughs it right at my face how sensitive this great ecosystem is. It suffers from heating ocean temperatures and rising acidity levels. Look at how the degeneration of the coral is underway. The few remaining coral is slowing turning white (bleaching) and the turf algae has taken over where the the once healthy algae lived, making it all look filthy and grassy.

I sincerely do not hope that we have passed the point of no return yet for rescuing our coral reefs around the world.

Healthy corals are the cornerstone of all other life in these waters. Both the algae that live on the coral and serve a nutrition for the coral themselves, but also the fish that live off and in the coral, a healthy environment is required for them to survive. If the coral disappear, it is not only a disaster to something so beautiful and astonishing, but also to the fish and animal life that live among it. Also many people on the local tropical islands make their existence from fishing which also will be threatened if the coral reefs should die around us.

Finally, I would love to show my kids the Great Barrier Reef, like I also hope for their children and so on to experience and enjoy this fabulous wonder of the world.

Make a GREEN and SUSTAINABLE living as we all need healthy oceans to survive.


Going double


I have been scuba diving for years and it is one of my favorite activities all year round and a fantastic way to experience something undiscovered. Plus a mind blowing way to excluded the busy daily life for an hour or two.

Some time ago, I decided to go with a dual tank setup. Despite the heavy lifting, the main reason is basically longer dives times, better balance and more safe and redundant setup. As I am also a passionate under water photographer, I hope to get more time to find the right camera angels and exposure without being too concerned about air consumption.

My new double setup is configured according to the DIR (Do-it-right) instructions thus giving better self reliant diving setup if a malfunction should occur.
The setup is rigged by 2x12L tanks, Ursuit donut BCD, Ursuit harness and 2x ScubaPro MK25 and G260 second stages.


It’s Superbowl night

What could more appropriate that serving yourself a small burger for dinner on Superbowl night.

Since I live in the best time zone, the game is not on until after midnight so loading up and hydrating well before kick-off are important duties to complete with honors..

Patriots vs. Eagles – it is getting slightly boring with Patriots in the Superbowl almost every year…although they admittedly have a strong team. But who to shout for…? The underdogs or the team with all the rings…I don’t care since 49’ers are not one of them 😱…just want to watch a good, well played and exiting game…bring it on Minneapolis 🏈

Barber of Copenhagen

Last Saturday I went to the premiere of the famous opera ‘The Barber of Seville’ set in the beautiful Royal Opera House in Copenhagen, Denmark (photo).

The performance from all singers and musicians was top class and a huge recommendation worthy. I would definitely go see this piece one again next time I get the chance.

A tribute to fabulous Toscany


A couple of years back, I spend 2 weeks in the late summer in Toscany at a rural farm house in the country side of Toscany, Italy.

I completely unplugged and enjoyed the silence (not the song :-)) , the beautiful nature, the warm weather, the friendly people, the great food and the lovely Brunello red wines.

I can only recommend others to do a trip like this and get life into perspective and to cherish what worth it and trash what’s not.

I tried to capture the nature while I was there. You can watch it in the video above.



Living in a constant alarm state…


Many people have tried to be in alarm state a few times during their entire lives. Many have also talked about it but never experienced it in reality.
But being in a constant alarm state cannot be theoretically understood but needs to be experienced.

I have been there a few times in my life and just the fear of going there again can be quite intimidating.

The feeling is so strong and disabling that most people break down after longer periods of being in this state for 24 hours a day.

The alarm state condition can originate from many different sources. Typically, though, it comes from anxiety, threats or concern.

When the phone rings, a text arrives, Facebook pings etc. all senses go into actions and you defense mechanisms activate. “What has happened now?”, “Is a new long period of daily troubles starting again?”, “Do I need to call in sick or take some time off – again?” and so it goes. And all of this even before the call is answered or text is read.

The brain is working overtime and so is the body stress and tension.

In fact, the alarm state condition can be so disabling and life threatening and impact your family and surroundings to an extend where all normality dissolves. Permanent stress or post-stress are often a result of being in an alarm state for too long.

I’m not sure of what the solution is but if you cannot remove the alarm/stress factor you somehow need to live with it. Perhaps consult a therapist who perhaps can help you park the stress or find a way for you to energize so you better can cope with the situation.

Be strong! Most people wish to do the right thing – so start putting TRUST in them and yourself and find the balance.