Yesterday I had an life changing wake-up call. A long time and dear old friend had gotten ill – really ill. So serious that only a specialized hospital could help. A simple pain, turned worse and worse without any doctor took the small effort of examining more closely and performing a MRI scan. Once the MRI scan finally was ordered it was almost too late. I don’t wanna write more details but another 24 hours would have been fatal without proper surgery. What the future will look like for my friend is very uncertain – it all may return after many months or may never improve with a resulting degradation of life quality forever.

When you experience these thing you have to stop and think – and take a holistic and realistic perspective on life. Are we spending time on the right things? Are we prioritizing our life carefully enough or just wasting precious time. Are we with the right people, is the job the right one, do we travel enough, do we care enough about our children and what about our parents who get older every day?

I mean – life can change 180 degrees in a split second – sometimes you just need to revise and adjust or perhaps just continue as before – but anyway stop and think…and decide then. Your life and “ecosystem” deserves it.

I will cross my fingers for good strong health, fast recovery and a happy future for my friend.

Rain rain rain 

It has been raining for quite a while now and damn it’s getting annoying…not a day without thunderstorms passing, hail showers, gusty winds and really low temperstures. We are almost in the month of May so where is the spring hiding?

This weekend I am at a seminar on the beautiful Rebild Banker and on my way here the rain suddenly stopped and the sun got the power. 

I’ll cross my fingers for a positive weather change coming soon.

A tough road travelled…

Yesterday and the day before yesterday were very stressful and emotional days. Previous events several years back came to a final test and the system and society voted in favor of us which was a great relief. We have now passed a significant milestone which has been latently sitting there waiting for years. We can now look forward towards the light despite the fight is never over until the fat lady sings. We will continue to fight and challenge the system for injustice, unfair and unreasonable behavior and decisions.

Celebrating Earth!

Today it is Earth Day!

We need to protect our shared planet and create sustainable lifestyles so our children, grand children etc can enjoy and experience the rich and amazing nature that surrounds us and make us able to breathe and live happy lives.

A big thanks to all the organizations working tirelessly for making better conditions for the Earth (and us).

Dying coral reefs in Australia

I recently visited the Great Barrier Reef in the northern Australia. I did three dives on various reefs and all of the dives were ‘sad’ dives. I was in the same area three years ago where everything bloomed and had lots of color and life but this time around many (most) corals were bleached or bleaching or had died already. Over the past recent year the water has been very hot and the cloud cover minimal. The type of coral living here (northern Australia) is not used to +30C at 20m depth – it is way too warm so they slowly turn white and after 12-14 weeks under this condition they simply die. And keep in mind that corals are not plants but animals.

Global warming and rising sea temperatures need to taken seriously and dealt with so wonders like the Great Barrier Reef also can be enjoyed by our children.

(Photo: TUSA dive, Cairns, Australia)

NOW it’s spring!

Today I picked up my bike from storage after a loong winter. Despite the cool temperature (5C), strong wind gusts and and a few hail showers, I have decided that spring has now arrived. After 150 kilometers my feet and fingers are still numb but my smile still reaches both ears…what a lovely ride. Wonderful wonderful wonderful.

Have a great spring time everyone 🌱