Back after the summer…

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 22.03.26Phew…finally back after the holidays. Fantastic weather in Denmark where I live. We have had the summer of decades. Warm, dry – almost too dry and warm for many. we are not used to temperatures above 28-30C for several months. BUT I DON’T COMPLAIN. But I cannot stop thinking about global warming and how we affect the global climate negatively.

However, now the normal weather has returned with milder temperatures around 23C with wind and rain – just like it used to be. Work has returned as well so the daily rhythm is also slowly coming back.

I just wanted to also direct your attention to a new website I launched during the summer. I have now so many underwater images taken over several years that I wish to share more publicly. Please visit I you are interested in the topic of underwater photography. All images are published under the Creative Commons license so feel free to use. And do come back to check frequently as I will continue to post new images as they arrive through my lens.

Take care out there!

The feeling of spring in Barcelona

A week ago I visited Barcelona (Spain) and as we in my country have waited and waited for spring to bloom it was a pleasure to feel the spring coming on further south as this means there’s still hope for us up north 😎

However the nice clear bluish sky it is still unstable down there. One day with showers and the next full sunshine with high temperatures.

As a northerner the Spanish spring is still like a summer to me and in a few months Spain will be well into its high summer which can be quite unpleasant to us pale people 😂

Enjoy the spring and spring breaks!