The feeling of spring in Barcelona

A week ago I visited Barcelona (Spain) and as we in my country have waited and waited for spring to bloom it was a pleasure to feel the spring coming on further south as this means there’s still hope for us up north 😎

However the nice clear bluish sky it is still unstable down there. One day with showers and the next full sunshine with high temperatures.

As a northerner the Spanish spring is still like a summer to me and in a few months Spain will be well into its high summer which can be quite unpleasant to us pale people 😂

Enjoy the spring and spring breaks!

Rain rain rain 

It has been raining for quite a while now and damn it’s getting annoying…not a day without thunderstorms passing, hail showers, gusty winds and really low temperstures. We are almost in the month of May so where is the spring hiding?

This weekend I am at a seminar on the beautiful Rebild Banker and on my way here the rain suddenly stopped and the sun got the power. 

I’ll cross my fingers for a positive weather change coming soon.

NOW it’s spring!

Today I picked up my bike from storage after a loong winter. Despite the cool temperature (5C), strong wind gusts and and a few hail showers, I have decided that spring has now arrived. After 150 kilometers my feet and fingers are still numb but my smile still reaches both ears…what a lovely ride. Wonderful wonderful wonderful.

Have a great spring time everyone 🌱

Nice spring break in Prague 

In the past long weekend I had the chance to (re)enjoy the capital of Czech with my oldest son. Prague was beautiful as always, nice temperature and lots of tourists but still not too crowded. For us it was all about relaxing, eating great food and just enjoy the city. 

I can only recommend Prague for any type of visit. Go there and enjoy the other Paris…

MC session has started 

Motorcycle season has finally come…the weather is still not where I would like it to be but nevertheless smelling the cold air is still something I’ve been waiting for since November…crossing my fingers for a warm and lovely summer this year 🏍😘