Pretty cold Easter dive…brrr

Think my son would have enjoyed another activity better today. The water was 4 deg C and the air 4 deg C too. He only had a wetsuit but he lasted for 25 mins at 13 meter. Well done 😤. Another month and the sea temp will probably double…which is not too bad around here. Enjoy the Easter holidays.

Ready to take on the trails again…


I am so ready to take on the mountain bike trails again – now 10 weeks later. Despite my ribs are still sore another minor problem is the Danish fall/winter. It is wet, windy, cold, muddy, nasty….really all the things you typically dislike about mountain biking…but we are kind of used to that in the Nordic countries even though I prefer the more warm and dry conditions.

Well, you really gotta do what you gotta do…so bring on the winter and let’s go biking 🙂