Divers paradise

A first visit for me this past week to the divers paradise of our world but not the last. I’m talking about Bonaire in the Dutch Antilles in the Carribean. An island with the sole purpose of protecting the environment both over and under the water line. It is a fantastic island with a great attitude. I definitely have to come back one day to further explore the underwater world of Bonaire.

Black coral

The black coral is almost extinct in Bonaire. Previously the area where it grows was called the forest but now it is merely a few corals left. Another sign of the changing nature and how environment is affecting our common planet. 

Taking care…

Taking care and being serious about our common underwater environment is something the Coral Restoration Foundation is all about. They maintain underwater farms for nurturing and growing corals for later setting them into their ‘real’ world habitat – keeping in mind that corals are living animals. The coral reefs are a threathend resources thus initiatives like this is the way to go. Thanks!