Merry 100% green x-mas🎄

My country, Danmark, has a long legacy of wind power and renewable energy.

We love and enjoy the ‘free’ energy and strive to become fully self sufficient with regards to renewable energy production to create a sustainable living form on Earth.

About 42% of the Danish energy production comes today from renewable energy sources – primarily wind.

Today, on a very windy Christmas Eve, it is estimated that 100% of the country’s high energy demand is being provided solely by wind power. Actually the production is estimated to be 110%. And this is on a day with really high demand for energy as everyone is cooking, cleaning, showering and we have all the Christmas light lit up (but factories shut down 😊)

That’s a first in reaching the goal of 100% renewable energy production for the entire country

Merry Green Christmas 2017.

X-mas shopping…gone easy

Did my last x-mas shopping today with no pain at all…😀

New formula compared to the previous 30 years:

  1. Prepared the gift list before leaving home and arriving in the stores (new)
  2. Replaced the car with the bus and avoided the complete traffic chaos (new)
  3. Did morning rather than late night and met happy people rather than angry ones (new)
  4. Finished on the 22nd rather than 23rd meaning it was not only diluted men in the shops but also women and kids (new)
  5. Replaced frustration and desperation with joy and completion (new)

So all in all – I can highly recommend this…although 30 years too late 😁