Going double


I have been scuba diving for years and it is one of my favorite activities all year round and a fantastic way to experience something undiscovered. Plus a mind blowing way to excluded the busy daily life for an hour or two.

Some time ago, I decided to go with a dual tank setup. Despite the heavy lifting, the main reason is basically longer dives times, better balance and more safe and redundant setup. As I am also a passionate under water photographer, I hope to get more time to find the right camera angels and exposure without being too concerned about air consumption.

My new double setup is configured according to the DIR (Do-it-right) instructions thus giving better self reliant diving setup if a malfunction should occur.
The setup is rigged by 2x12L tanks, Ursuit donut BCD, Ursuit harness and 2x ScubaPro MK25 and G260 second stages.


Have to move on…

It is now 4 weeks since the ground came up and hit my chest…a very local earthquake I guess 🙂

All being said – things are getting better – however slow – too slow…

The soreness and a broken rib that still a hasn’t settled is work in progress but no diving vacation in 2 weeks 😦

I had to cancel – if I could I definitely would but several doctors have veto’ed me going so I’d better listen 🙂

I have started up training on the indoor home trainer which is fine but far away from being out in nature…next week I think I can manage a road bike trip and in a months perhaps my first trip on the mountain bike…

But one thing is clear – I will wear my new back shield jersey – just to be on the safe side 🙂