My favorite world champion 

Today my favorite female mountain bike Annika Langvad won gold in the world championship and she is Danish👊. Really good racing from Annika who early got the lead and extended it into approx 50 sec at the finish line. You are on a roll, Annika…keep it coming 🚵🏆🇩🇰🌈

MTB marathon DM cup 2016

What a spectacular ride yesterday in the forests of Aarhus. The weather was perfect – the trail was crisp and dry – only your fitness could fail on this beautiful day…

I simply enjoy participating in this race every year…see you there in 2017🚴 💨 

(Photo: Aarhus MTB)

Tough and muddy UCI C2

It was a tough and muddy race for female elite mountain biker Camilla Knudsen in yesterdays XCO UCI C2 competition in Hammel, Denmark.

It had rained heavily for several days including the night before the race which made the trail quite slippery and hard to keep a constant pace.

However, despite illness, cold winds and mud Camilla stayed within top-10 (number 6 among the Danish riders).

Very well done, Camilla! (follow Camilla on Instagram: @camilla_k_knudsen)

Photographing a top athlete

This weekend has been dedicated to photo work with one of our best female athletes in DK. It was a long day at the studio yesterday with all kinds of clothing, sports equipment, makeup, different looks and a litle dog running in and out of the set 🙂 But is was all worthwhile and a lot of post work lies ahead now 🙂   

Almost there…

After my bike crash back in the fall I have been in scuba diving quarantine. Today I was cleared after the lastest CT scan a week ago.

Still having a few blood clutterings outside the lung and needs a new CT in 6 months but nothing that prevent any activity including diving…

So back into exploring the underwater world…can’t wait to get my fins back on 🙂 

CT-scan results…

My CT scan results came in yesterday…wish i could show them here…

So a little more detail captured…my 4,5,6 and 7th rib is fractured and my right lung is still not 100% expanded. That is strange as I have started up indoor cycling again and it is only close the my max pulse that I can feel a lack of oxygen getting through but perhaps that’s what the CT scan shows.

More annoying is  the fact that there is an opening between the lower lung section and the middle lung section where fluid (blood) I guess can pass through and it is getting stuck between the lung itself and the lung membrane…probably not good but he did not say anything when I spoke to the doctor.

I am now an acute lung medicine patient and in a whole new part of the hospital…what could possibly go wrong now…!

I suppose I will be called in for something but I don’t know if I need another operation or this is something that can be fixed without being hospitalized which I certainly hope…

On a personal side I am getting restless, I want to go on and continue where I left off but it is unrealistic right now as I cannot even control the handle bars 🙂

I am also getting tired when I am too active (like moving around, walking etc) – it feels like my body is working on something.

I am down on pain relief – I could not stand the feeling of the morphine anymore – I could not feel myself – and the pain in my chest is not that bad anymore and I can breathe almost normally which I know is very important.

I’ll keep posting whenever something new happens – I am considering a private hospital….

This summer’s gonna hurt like a…

…well I am back…I have been at the hospital almost every single day since my crash…

It turned out that my operation (drain insertion) got infected with staphylococcus and I need a double dose of penicillin that completely crashed my stomach.

Well that’s a small problem compared to the overall issue at hand.

The pain in my upper right chest is extremely painful and all the morphine and painkillers I consume did not take THAT specific pain at all.

Well my ribs cage is soar and I know that feeling but this new stuff where I can’t move my right arm without a “time stand still” pain was new.

The hospital could not immediately diagnose it and gave my an x-ray for the 6th time…and a circular shadow was appearing in my lower lung area.

Suddenly, the seriousness of the doctors around were increasing and they started talking to me about cancel development and they called in more experts to assess the x-ray.

I said constantly that I am good share, I don’t have other symptoms etc. and this must be something originating from the incident….but on the other hand they also have to be alert to cancel risks etc.

Another day went by and the hospital called me up and explained that more doctors (more experienced I guess) have looked at the x-ray and ruled out cancel and was more leaning towards infection or something…and they ordered a CT scan that I am still waiting for….

Not so great…mountain biking (long story)

Been a while since I’ve update here, but I’ve been suffering a major incident and have been semi unavailable…

On Wednesday Sep 9 is trained for a mountain bike race in the upcoming weekend.

I biked my normal trail which I probably have done 100 times before. The fitness was good, speed high and everything looking quite good until I did a downhill drop that I only do on my 29″ (this day I was biking a 26″) but it all felt good and I thought things were under control and manageable.

Well – not…I can’t remember all the details – but I guess I landed with too much weight on my front wheel and somehow flew over and my handle bar hit my right hand chest just under the arm pit….

Next thing I remember was sliding down hill and trying to catch my breath as I was complete empty on air in my lungs. I stayed on the ground for a while to regain a “normal” state…I got up – looked at the bike (that’s the first thing you make sure has not broken, right 🙂 …I slowly crawled on my bike (as a mountain biker you are used to bruises so we alway just carry on) and continued down hill while I tried to decide on finishing my training pass (on 6 km left but quite hilly) or go home….tough decision (you don’t want to be a wimp)

I decided to head home since my right side felt wrong (something was moving inside and I hurt like crazy when I hit a bump in the trail)
…so back home and after a quick shower to fell the pain I decided to drive to the emergency room in the local hospital.

I did not have may bruises (really on my knee caps and hip) but worse was my right chest. The emergency room doctor ordered an x-ray scan to determine the inner injuries and it showed 4 broken ribs and a collapse lung….bummer….off to surgery to insert a drain to relieve the “false” air from outside the lung…

DAMN that hurt – getting that drain inserted with basically no anesthesia a it cannot get the deep into you body – was what the claimed in the operation room. When you are a cyclist and is in pretty good shape your lungs are trained to be excerised and expanded quiet often which also proved to be right as the first (younger) surgeon could not apply enough pressure to penetrate the membrane….fucking hell it hurt…two nurses were fixating both my arms during the process and if not I would probably have hit someone….the other (senior) surgeon in the room took over and applied all his weight on my body to insert the drain and suddenly it was through…but at one point my vision complete blackened…fuck that was a painful procedure…never tried anything even close to that.

I got hospitalized for 4 days when the drain and a box (to carry with me a all times….) to get blood and air of my tissue. After a couple of days the drain stopped producing “output” and the day after they removed the damn thing and I could go home…still in pain and difficult to move around…but back home it went.

…to be continued…IMG_2574

Mountain biking – ELITE

Uhh…I think I have got myself into some voluntary work now….

I have decided it is about time that I give something back to the sport I love so much.

I have been riding mountain bike for 16 years and road bike for 35 years…and if I can give something back I would happily spend some hours on that.

I cannot disclose my new project but it is damn exiting and will be something the sport will recognize once we get started – I promise 🙂