Time for an upgrade…

Last summer I had my old but steady Gopro flooded in the Mediterranean. It had documented many good experiences – above and below the water line.

I have now retired the old kit and switched to a newcomer in the underwater video market. Paralenz has introduced a new concept of automatic white balance adjustment based on depth which should release you from bringing various filters with you or do significant post-edits.

I hope to be able to share a video or two once I get the new unit tested thoroughly.

Light house at the tip

As a water lover, I’ve visited another Danish coast line with my drone the other day.

More exactly Helgenæs on the main land’s east coast. It is located at the very tip of the ‘nose’ in Denmark and has a light house that serves a very important role guiding traffic in and out of Denmark’s largest commercial port – Port of Aarhus.

Have a look and let me know what you think:

Merry 100% green x-mas🎄

My country, Danmark, has a long legacy of wind power and renewable energy.

We love and enjoy the ‘free’ energy and strive to become fully self sufficient with regards to renewable energy production to create a sustainable living form on Earth.

About 42% of the Danish energy production comes today from renewable energy sources – primarily wind.

Today, on a very windy Christmas Eve, it is estimated that 100% of the country’s high energy demand is being provided solely by wind power. Actually the production is estimated to be 110%. And this is on a day with really high demand for energy as everyone is cooking, cleaning, showering and we have all the Christmas light lit up (but factories shut down 😊)

That’s a first in reaching the goal of 100% renewable energy production for the entire country

Merry Green Christmas 2017.

Women’s dive day…yes ma’am!

Today is the Padi Women’s Dive Day 2017. A great worldwide event to attract more women to recreational scuba diving.

I worked all day taking women to the wonderful world under the surface. The water was calm, the weather was nice and sunny and the visibility was perfect. It could not have been a better day for this type of activity.

I hope most women got the experience they came for but at least for myself it was a pure pleasure bringing more people into the life of scuba diving (women and men). It is a wonderful sport with new adventures everytime you go go below – it changes lives 👌


Nudging works…

They have been there for a while but passing it regularly it just occurred to me yesterday that they actually work. Smokers are using them extensively thus serving their purpose. Nudging is a interesting theory to influence behavior and here having a cigarette like ash tray seems to do the mind trick. 

Extreme sailing…

Having the rudder under my control here at yesterday’s racing event in Aarhus, Denmark. The M32series.com catamaran boats came to my city to race for 3 days. The Battle of Aarhus with very fast boats that can achieve speeds up to 40 knots. Amazing acceleration as well…and it only weighs 500 kg in total.

Great experience if you are into to sailing.

(Photo: M32series.com)

Sea life…

Came across this beautiful sea anemone yesterday on a dive. Underwater flora is fantastic and colorful and proves that water is one of the most important resources we have. We must protect the ocean at all costs.

A soft female…

I met this beautiful (female I guess?) Jellyfish the other day while diving at Søbadet (near Middelfart/Denmark). There are quite a few jellyfish around at this time of year but they pose so well and just look amazing. The underwater world needs to be explored more!