Light house at the tip

As a water lover, I’ve visited another Danish coast line with my drone the other day.

More exactly Helgenæs on the main land’s east coast. It is located at the very tip of the ‘nose’ in Denmark and has a light house that serves a very important role guiding traffic in and out of Denmark’s largest commercial port – Port of Aarhus.

Have a look and let me know what you think:

Fog and no lights

car-in-fog-no-lightsI am driving more than 200 km a day on the highways and I am stunned how many car owners who forget to turn on their light or more specifically their tail lights when driving in foggy conditions.

In Denmark it is actually the law to drive with head lights on all day – summer and winter – but for some strange reason the public transportation office, a few years back approved that newer cars only needs the head lights turned on during day time.

I have been noticing this behavior for some time now and especially during foggy and dusk like conditions the car simply “thinks” that it is day time and does not automatically turn on the car’s tail lights.

This failed automation and lack of human manual override creates numerous dangerous situations on the roads every year and it is a big surprise to me that the government does not take this problem more seriously…

If my next new cars has this type of flawed automation system, I will ask to get it reverted or simply not buying the car – for safety reasons.

Anyone else having the same experience ???

Merry Christmas 🙂



Ready to take on the trails again…


I am so ready to take on the mountain bike trails again – now 10 weeks later. Despite my ribs are still sore another minor problem is the Danish fall/winter. It is wet, windy, cold, muddy, nasty….really all the things you typically dislike about mountain biking…but we are kind of used to that in the Nordic countries even though I prefer the more warm and dry conditions.

Well, you really gotta do what you gotta do…so bring on the winter and let’s go biking 🙂