Living in a constant alarm state…


Many people have tried to be in alarm state a few times during their entire lives. Many have also talked about it but never experienced it in reality.
But being in a constant alarm state cannot be theoretically understood but needs to be experienced.

I have been there a few times in my life and just the fear of going there again can be quite intimidating.

The feeling is so strong and disabling that most people break down after longer periods of being in this state for 24 hours a day.

The alarm state condition can originate from many different sources. Typically, though, it comes from anxiety, threats or concern.

When the phone rings, a text arrives, Facebook pings etc. all senses go into actions and you defense mechanisms activate. “What has happened now?”, “Is a new long period of daily troubles starting again?”, “Do I need to call in sick or take some time off – again?” and so it goes. And all of this even before the call is answered or text is read.

The brain is working overtime and so is the body stress and tension.

In fact, the alarm state condition can be so disabling and life threatening and impact your family and surroundings to an extend where all normality dissolves. Permanent stress or post-stress are often a result of being in an alarm state for too long.

I’m not sure of what the solution is but if you cannot remove the alarm/stress factor you somehow need to live with it. Perhaps consult a therapist who perhaps can help you park the stress or find a way for you to energize so you better can cope with the situation.

Be strong! Most people wish to do the right thing – so start putting TRUST in them and yourself and find the balance.