Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2016 🙂

On January 1st this year this I went to one of my favorite spots in the bay where I live.

It is one of the places I really enjoy at any time of the year. On Jan 1st the weather was calm, chilly and foggy but most of all beautiful as always.

2016 will be an exiting year on many areas but let’s wait and enjoy the moments we have when we have them.


Christmas sunset


Came across this beautiful sunset yesterday. It was kind of threatening and held lots of rain and hail. But being a sucker for sunsets I could not resist taking a shot and sharing it…so here you go…Happy Holidays 🙂

X-mas shopping…gone easy

Did my last x-mas shopping today with no pain at all…😀

New formula compared to the previous 30 years:

  1. Prepared the gift list before leaving home and arriving in the stores (new)
  2. Replaced the car with the bus and avoided the complete traffic chaos (new)
  3. Did morning rather than late night and met happy people rather than angry ones (new)
  4. Finished on the 22nd rather than 23rd meaning it was not only diluted men in the shops but also women and kids (new)
  5. Replaced frustration and desperation with joy and completion (new)

So all in all – I can highly recommend this…although 30 years too late 😁


Fog and no lights

car-in-fog-no-lightsI am driving more than 200 km a day on the highways and I am stunned how many car owners who forget to turn on their light or more specifically their tail lights when driving in foggy conditions.

In Denmark it is actually the law to drive with head lights on all day – summer and winter – but for some strange reason the public transportation office, a few years back approved that newer cars only needs the head lights turned on during day time.

I have been noticing this behavior for some time now and especially during foggy and dusk like conditions the car simply “thinks” that it is day time and does not automatically turn on the car’s tail lights.

This failed automation and lack of human manual override creates numerous dangerous situations on the roads every year and it is a big surprise to me that the government does not take this problem more seriously…

If my next new cars has this type of flawed automation system, I will ask to get it reverted or simply not buying the car – for safety reasons.

Anyone else having the same experience ???

Merry Christmas 🙂



Ready to take on the trails again…


I am so ready to take on the mountain bike trails again – now 10 weeks later. Despite my ribs are still sore another minor problem is the Danish fall/winter. It is wet, windy, cold, muddy, nasty….really all the things you typically dislike about mountain biking…but we are kind of used to that in the Nordic countries even though I prefer the more warm and dry conditions.

Well, you really gotta do what you gotta do…so bring on the winter and let’s go biking 🙂

Have to move on…

It is now 4 weeks since the ground came up and hit my chest…a very local earthquake I guess 🙂

All being said – things are getting better – however slow – too slow…

The soreness and a broken rib that still a hasn’t settled is work in progress but no diving vacation in 2 weeks 😦

I had to cancel – if I could I definitely would but several doctors have veto’ed me going so I’d better listen 🙂

I have started up training on the indoor home trainer which is fine but far away from being out in nature…next week I think I can manage a road bike trip and in a months perhaps my first trip on the mountain bike…

But one thing is clear – I will wear my new back shield jersey – just to be on the safe side 🙂 


CT-scan results…

My CT scan results came in yesterday…wish i could show them here…

So a little more detail captured…my 4,5,6 and 7th rib is fractured and my right lung is still not 100% expanded. That is strange as I have started up indoor cycling again and it is only close the my max pulse that I can feel a lack of oxygen getting through but perhaps that’s what the CT scan shows.

More annoying is  the fact that there is an opening between the lower lung section and the middle lung section where fluid (blood) I guess can pass through and it is getting stuck between the lung itself and the lung membrane…probably not good but he did not say anything when I spoke to the doctor.

I am now an acute lung medicine patient and in a whole new part of the hospital…what could possibly go wrong now…!

I suppose I will be called in for something but I don’t know if I need another operation or this is something that can be fixed without being hospitalized which I certainly hope…

On a personal side I am getting restless, I want to go on and continue where I left off but it is unrealistic right now as I cannot even control the handle bars 🙂

I am also getting tired when I am too active (like moving around, walking etc) – it feels like my body is working on something.

I am down on pain relief – I could not stand the feeling of the morphine anymore – I could not feel myself – and the pain in my chest is not that bad anymore and I can breathe almost normally which I know is very important.

I’ll keep posting whenever something new happens – I am considering a private hospital….

This summer’s gonna hurt like a…

…well I am back…I have been at the hospital almost every single day since my crash…

It turned out that my operation (drain insertion) got infected with staphylococcus and I need a double dose of penicillin that completely crashed my stomach.

Well that’s a small problem compared to the overall issue at hand.

The pain in my upper right chest is extremely painful and all the morphine and painkillers I consume did not take THAT specific pain at all.

Well my ribs cage is soar and I know that feeling but this new stuff where I can’t move my right arm without a “time stand still” pain was new.

The hospital could not immediately diagnose it and gave my an x-ray for the 6th time…and a circular shadow was appearing in my lower lung area.

Suddenly, the seriousness of the doctors around were increasing and they started talking to me about cancel development and they called in more experts to assess the x-ray.

I said constantly that I am good share, I don’t have other symptoms etc. and this must be something originating from the incident….but on the other hand they also have to be alert to cancel risks etc.

Another day went by and the hospital called me up and explained that more doctors (more experienced I guess) have looked at the x-ray and ruled out cancel and was more leaning towards infection or something…and they ordered a CT scan that I am still waiting for….