Cave diving in 34C water…

Last week I had two spectacular dives into the Caves of Grotta Giusti Natural Spa.
The caves run along a fault line in the mountains that reaches 900 meters deep and extends 10 km along the mountains.

It was a fantastic experience and can only recommend this to other fellow scuba divers. It is narrow, dark, special equipment but with 200 meters of visibility and no current and lovely warm (However, don’t do this as your first after certification)

If in Tuscany, Italy go a visit and jump into the 34 deg C warm water and see for yourself.

Until then, you can check out this video.

Enjoy 🙂

Sea life…

Came across this beautiful sea anemone yesterday on a dive. Underwater flora is fantastic and colorful and proves that water is one of the most important resources we have. We must protect the ocean at all costs.

A soft female…

I met this beautiful (female I guess?) Jellyfish the other day while diving at Søbadet (near Middelfart/Denmark). There are quite a few jellyfish around at this time of year but they pose so well and just look amazing. The underwater world needs to be explored more!

Pretty cold Easter dive…brrr

Think my son would have enjoyed another activity better today. The water was 4 deg C and the air 4 deg C too. He only had a wetsuit but he lasted for 25 mins at 13 meter. Well done 😤. Another month and the sea temp will probably double…which is not too bad around here. Enjoy the Easter holidays.

Almost there…

After my bike crash back in the fall I have been in scuba diving quarantine. Today I was cleared after the lastest CT scan a week ago.

Still having a few blood clutterings outside the lung and needs a new CT in 6 months but nothing that prevent any activity including diving…

So back into exploring the underwater world…can’t wait to get my fins back on 🙂