My Finland celebrates 100 years of freedom today


Today Finland celebrates the 100 years since the independence from the Russian empire on the 6th of December 1917.

I have grown up my entire life with Finland as a parallel universe as most of my mother’s family is Finnish. So today is a big big day up-there and I could not be happier for them. The former dominance and intimidation from the Russians have always been lying latent in the Finnish people as well as the winter war with Russia during World War 2 where Russia tried to invade Finland without success.

As I have the Finnish blood flowing in my veins, I have visited Finland on a few occasions and enjoyed their beautiful nature and lovely people. The natives don’t say much though and their language is difficult to understand too, but they like to be perceived as “we speak when we have something to say“. So in general calm Nordic people who has given us the great composer Sibelius as well as the rise and fall of Nokia to mention a few,

A big congratulation on the BIG day for Finland from a distant relative 🙂

(Picture is from a family summer visit to Finland in 1981)

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