Great ideas come through well prepared food

Food and water are essential components for us humans to survive. Food can take various forms and ingrediences, and be good or bad depending who’s asked.

The new Nordic kitchen which has gotten a new blooming in the past decade takes the bare and simpliest ingrediences from nature like ants, leaves, ash etc. and prepares simple but fantastic and tasteful dishes.

My angle to this topic is another though.

In order for food to be “right” it has to carry the correct balance of nutrients in order to work most efficiently. A trained cook will understand that it is not only the taste but the balance that makes the difference in how you feel and perform after eating.

In my workplace we have a saying that “great ideas come via the stomach” – so in order to catalyze innovation and ideas, eating great and well-prepared food made from original biological ingrediences – all made up from the ground – is essential. Ahhh…

Now to the point, Niels Bohr (A Danish physicist – 1885-1962) who is one of the founding fathers of the quantum theory and a Nobel prize winner and a very prominent figure among the other leading scientists (Einstein etc.) back then. I could be writing long about Niels Bohr (referencing my mother) as he was served well prepared food every day in the early 60ties where my mother worked as the chief cook in the Carlsberg mansion – his residence and home. Each day she prepared meals for Niels and his family as well as all their guests including the royals, scientists and celebrities from all around the world.

My mother is to me, the foundation of the saying “great ideas come through well prepared food” and I am sure Niels Bohr got some of his brightest ideas during my moms five year tenure…

In the picture (to the left) you can see my mother, Ulla, standing next to Niels Bohr and his wife, Margrethe, raising her arm and together with the rest of the staff in the early 1960ties.

So mother Ulla, thank you so much for decades of great food!

(Photo: unknown)

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