Why some days are just bad…?


In Danish, we have something called Tycho Brahe Days from the Danish astronomer (1546-1601) of the same name. These are days that are simply unlucky and where bad things can happen.

I had one of those yesterday.

Everything from dawn to dusk – and the night included – went wrong. Things like bad messages, missed opportunities, misunderstandings, arguments, loosing money with a bankrupt web shop, meeting up alone with three corporate lawyers (ok it’s my job but anyway), my partner got a speeding ticket, nightmare – not getting enough sleep and so it went on. And then, as always, the weather sucked big time.

What else can you ask for? These days arrive once in a while but Tycho Brahe was forced  by a Czech Emperor (as a recognised scientist) to identify days during the course of a year that could be considered bad or unlucky and where people was advised to stay at home and avoid certain activities.

It is actual an unfair legacy that we connect these days with Brahe as he never himself believe in astrology and the theory that some days are generally better then others.

Yesterday was September 28th, and it is not listed as one of the Tycho Brahe days so I guess that disproves the theory and I am ready for new day filled with luck and happiness.

For those who may have an interest, Tycho Brahe days were set to the following dates. So go knock yourself out and test the theory.

1., 4., 6., 11., 12., 20. Jan.;
11., 17., 18. Feb;
1., 4., 14., 15. Mar;
10., 17., 18. Apr.;
7., 18. May;
6. Jun;
17., 21. Jul;
20., 21. Aug.;
16., 18. Sep;
6. Oct;
6., 18. Nov;
6., 11., 18., Dec.

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