Smoking! Why not?

I have long been thinking about smoking (no, I don’t wanna start).

However, we all live in a society where smokers are being stigmatized and frowned upon. This makes me wonder why our culture has ‘agreed’ on chasing smokers who can’t barely find a spot to enjoy their addiction. And it is only getting harder. Just think about travling – train, bus, plane…the worksplace…public areas…etc. etc. 

Yes, I do understand that other people can be annoyed and possibly affected by smokers standing close by and yes, I do understand that smoking can cause cancer and other serious health issues which later will require treatment and tax dollars…

All that being said though, why don’t we let smokers enjoy their cigarettes and respect their choice to reduce their age. Shouldn’t it be the individuals right to make the decision themselves? Why do the rest of us think that we have the right to chose for them and know what is better for another human being. Imagine if smokers just have accepted that they wish to live strong and die young? Is a longer life more valuable than a short?

I have nothing against smokers as long as we all (smoker and non-smokers) respect the individual choices of each other. One type of life style can be just as good as another.


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