Yesterday I had an life changing wake-up call. A long time and dear old friend had gotten ill – really ill. So serious that only a specialized hospital could help. A simple pain, turned worse and worse without any doctor took the small effort of examining more closely and performing a MRI scan. Once the MRI scan finally was ordered it was almost too late. I don’t wanna write more details but another 24 hours would have been fatal without proper surgery. What the future will look like for my friend is very uncertain – it all may return after many months or may never improve with a resulting degradation of life quality forever.

When you experience these thing you have to stop and think – and take a holistic and realistic perspective on life. Are we spending time on the right things? Are we prioritizing our life carefully enough or just wasting precious time. Are we with the right people, is the job the right one, do we travel enough, do we care enough about our children and what about our parents who get older every day?

I mean – life can change 180 degrees in a split second – sometimes you just need to revise and adjust or perhaps just continue as before – but anyway stop and think…and decide then. Your life and “ecosystem” deserves it.

I will cross my fingers for good strong health, fast recovery and a happy future for my friend.


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