CT-scan results…

My CT scan results came in yesterday…wish i could show them here…

So a little more detail captured…my 4,5,6 and 7th rib is fractured and my right lung is still not 100% expanded. That is strange as I have started up indoor cycling again and it is only close the my max pulse that I can feel a lack of oxygen getting through but perhaps that’s what the CT scan shows.

More annoying is  the fact that there is an opening between the lower lung section and the middle lung section where fluid (blood) I guess can pass through and it is getting stuck between the lung itself and the lung membrane…probably not good but he did not say anything when I spoke to the doctor.

I am now an acute lung medicine patient and in a whole new part of the hospital…what could possibly go wrong now…!

I suppose I will be called in for something but I don’t know if I need another operation or this is something that can be fixed without being hospitalized which I certainly hope…

On a personal side I am getting restless, I want to go on and continue where I left off but it is unrealistic right now as I cannot even control the handle bars 🙂

I am also getting tired when I am too active (like moving around, walking etc) – it feels like my body is working on something.

I am down on pain relief – I could not stand the feeling of the morphine anymore – I could not feel myself – and the pain in my chest is not that bad anymore and I can breathe almost normally which I know is very important.

I’ll keep posting whenever something new happens – I am considering a private hospital….

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